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We have been getting a record number of pregnant cats turned in to us off street , from surrenders, from vets and spca’s/This is really early to be getting so many of them in. i am still trying to convince myself this means less kittens found on streets later on in summer..and still telling them all not to have more than 4..Last two weeks it worked. Three moms came in and had 4, 4 and 3. Keep it up head hurts and there are too many problems already to sort out. Speaking of problems… anyone willing to foster some kittens with ringworm?? They need to be kept in a kennel and washed often with special shampoo..they are almost ready to go…just a little more time needed.. head hurts, ears ringing. oww

april 22nd Ta DAAAAAAAAAAA

Vokra | April 22, 2009

Went in this morning to find her under a towell in one of the provided boxes, purring like a loon. She had three by then at 9 and then more and more and mooooooore til 2ish. Emma is now the proud mama of nine. All my encouraging to the other gals to only have 4 at the most and now look what we have. All are lovely and healthy and mama is proud and purring still. Imagine if this poor girl was still living in a parking lot , guarding her older 2 kittens and trying to find food to stay alive….and then had the nine to care for ? No wonder she purrs all the time


April 19th…..and so we wait for Ms. Emma to produce. Her tummy is a mass of bumping and rolling kittens.. all is well health wise. I am beginning to wonder if she is having huge kittens, although from what i can feel of them they are a normal size. Poor gal is eating small meals and snoozing a lot. Massage time is her best time!

Two feral cats have had their kittens this week, we are getting calls to take in another mom and her 5 , more pregnants and endless calls from people who say they have to give up their cats. Rental places with no pets rules are spelling doom to so many animals.

Then there is our lovely Emma ( new name since she was lost) She is working on being the largest ever pregnant cat.

Here are my feral moms. This one, Bette, is from the basement of the Coliseum. We have been trying to trap her for over a year..and have brought in and adopted out kittens from two other litters. This time she fell for the sardines Maria left!! Tuna just wasn’t good enough i guess. Got her in very recently and i thought she had awhile to go..but then the 6 appeared one morning.. She is still extremely unhappy to have been caught but i think will be glad not to be pregnant all the time!

she’s a good mama and just wants to be left alone..

Here is Nancy

She was found living in a parking garage and went into the humane trap very easily for some tasty food. I get the feeling she may have been owned once. She gives me signs once in awhile. She has been very calm about having food put in her kennel and litter box taken in and out.. Sometimes this type were lost or dumped when young and are just so terrified from running and hiding and searching for food that is takes awhile for them to settle and start to trust again.. At least she isn’t trying to shred me! She has 6 as well.

Thank you thank you Brad!! She is all tucked in and looking like she will produce way too many kittens any minute , so this was just in time. She had been missing since last Sat. but we weren’t told until yesterday. phew , what a relief. The amazing thing is , she went ten blocks and ended up outside the window of someone ( Brad) who had adopted two kitties from us three years ago..

I will post pics of what she produces as soon as they arrive!


This young pregnant cat managed to open a window at her foster home and is lost in the area. If she is seen please take her in and call VOKRA and write to us as well. She is very friendly and will likely go up to someone. Please keep an eye open for her.

Mango and Marley came to us after having had 4 or 5 litters each in a very short time. They are best friends and now that Mango ( the one with white stripe up nose) has had her litter they are both feeding and snuggling the kittens together. Marley should produce hers any day now and it will be fascinating to see how they do with an added 4 or 6. Once the kittens are eating on their own we will dry up the gals and have them fixed so they never have to be pregnant again. Of course we will be looking for a home that will take both.

Tigger came to us very overweight and scared. He had been in an older persons home for a number of years and her family had us take him when she went into hospital. Tigger is very shy at first so he hid and refused to eat etc. Once he was a bit braver he went to a foster home and has progressed and lost a bit of weight and will now eat healthy food.

This is what the foster home says about him:

***Tigger is a fat orange cat that needs some extra love and care. As he is shy he would be best suited to a home without other pets or childre

n. He would thrive in a home where someone could spend a lot of time with him. He is very gentle in nature and never bites or scratches. He has a cute little miaow that he does when he is feeling indignant and he just loves being touched. ***

Tigger would do well in a home where someone is around a older person perhaps. He is an indoor only cat. i am going to test him being around other cats…but really want him to get into a forever or foster home very soon..

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