Well, Hailey and two of her kittens and Rudy all survived being on tv today!


A big thanks to Genivive and Breakfast TV for having us on. The kitties managed to keep it together and i didn’t go blank..what more can we ask? Hope to have a recording on the site sometime soon. Please take a look at our older kittens and adult cats..We really have to find homes, as it will soon be kitten season and will need all the foster homes we can get. Some of our cats are only suitable for no children homes, like Rudy, and some will do fine with kids and / or dogs. There are over 100 available right now. Just click on picture in the gallery and you will get a description of what kind of home they would do well in.

Posted by Vokra on February 26, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

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