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Aldo and Sterling

By Ellen

While Aldo and Sterling have now found a happy home to share together, along with two older cats, they certainly got off to a rough start in life. Back in June, Aldo was found at East 33rd and Elliot Street, alone, and sadly with another kitten who had already passed away. On the exact same day, Sterling was found on East 22nd Avenue, and given to VOKRA for shelter and care. With their similar background and markings- nearly identical- and their ability to play and get along in a manner most common to siblings from the same litter it was unanimously agreed- these two must be brothers! While this story highlights the importance of spaying and neutering not only adopted animals, but also feral ones, it is also delightful and heartwarming to be able to reunite these two brothers, and ensure that they live long and happy lives together.

In their new home, Aldo and Sterling have adapted easily to the company of both their new parents and the two other cats that they share, and no doubt rule, the house with. They are both calm and adventurous, and have even taken to following around one of the other cats, a Persian cross with lots of black hair (like theirs), as though she is their mother cat!

Since they first arrived at VOKRA, and through the time that they spent in their foster homes, both Aldo and Sterling have been rambunctious and spirited, happy to play both on their own and with others, and especially with each other. Aldo enjoys being brushed, while Sterling seems to have a particular ability to fall into a deep sleep, at one point letting his head fall into an upturned food dish and wearing it like a nightcap. It remains to be seen whether their names will predict a “shoe fetish” that some cats have been known to have!

Posted by Grino on January 2, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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