Adoption Day at Bosley’s!


Adoption Day at Bosley’s!

VOKRA was excited to be at Bosley’s Yaletown location on Saturday July 28th for their first ever cat adoption event.


There were many volunteers, fosters, and (hopfully!) adopters in on a beautiful afternoon on the scenic Marinaside location.

Beautiful all-white rescue kitty, George soaked up the attention from visitors of all ages.



George would chirp curiously at any kitten passing by – Such as Owl below on his leash and harness:


There were lots of kittens up for adoption, such as Raffles and Rochelle:


And this little brood:


As well as Timmy and Tommy, two adult ginger bundles of non-stop cuddles.


Timmy and Tommy are inseparable buddies, who love to cuddle each other and people.


We also as always have our adorable buttons, bracelets, and calendar date sales – where you can add your very own kitty to our 2013 VOKRA calendar!

Inquire about the calendars at


We all had a great time, and are hoping we get some adoption applications in this week for our 236 cats and kittens currently in need of homes.

Please consider adopting, fostering, or donating, we are in dire need at this time of year.

Posted by Grino on July 29, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

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