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Fostering can take on many different duties. At VOKRA, we supply all the goods (food, litter, litter boxes, cats and kittens) and you supply the shelter (a spare room) and love. With VOKRA, you can foster a single adult cat, an adult pair, a pregnant mama or orphaned kittens.

Mama Cate and her kittens were rescued from the street. All you need is a spare room so that mama can take care of her kittens and as the foster, you have all the endless cuteness one could ever wish for!

Here is Mama Cate keeping her kittens clean:

Sometimes kitten fostering is a bit more labour intensive when their is no Mama cat or Mama cat's milk dries up. Cordie is one of Lilly's kittens, who's mother's milk may have dried up, so she stopped nursing and caring for her kittens. This made it necessary the VOKRA Foster to take over the mama-cat's duties.

In this video, Cordie is having his bath and you can see a herniated umbilical cord. Finally, and thankfully, the big bulb fell off a couple of days later. You'll notice that Mama Lilly is hanging around in the background on the dining room table which is a big "no no."

After his bath, Cordie is wrapped up in a towel to keep him warm and dry and to keep his little arms and legs from struggling and flailing around. This makes it easier to bottle feed him.

This foster job isn't for everyone but pays off huge to fosters willing to make the effort and take the time to help orphan kittens.

Here is Puff at 3 weeks. Nursing can get kind of messy :)

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Posted by Grino on April 12, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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