Max needs a home!


Please help us find Max a home! Here is Max's story from his Foster Mum, Nicole.

Max came to me in December with his two brothers. They were about 14 weeks old at the time. They had been born outside and were pretty jumpy. They all had a very awful kitty cold. Their noses were plugged shut and they had sore, infected eyes. I could hear how sick they were when they breathed! Despite them being afraid of me and not super huge fans of getting their eyes wiped, eye drops and oral medication, they never bit me and always just tried to get away.

Max and his brothers were really sick for two months. After many vitamins and good food, their breathing finally got better but their eyes never did stop running. Max and his brothers have chronic feline herpes in their eyes (very common in cats and NOT contagious to humans at all.) His eyes water most days, but he is not bothered by it one bit. The only thing Max may need in terms of extra care is some vitamin powder of L-Lysine put in his food everyday (not expensive at all, about $12 a month.)

I use a warm face cloth to wipe Max's face and then he bounces away! I have noticed that slowly, as he ages, his eyes do get a bit better everyday.

In February, I brought all three kittens inside the house; they had previously been resting in my cathouse. I put them in the bedroom and cleaned out the bottom of the closet so they could hide there. Well, Max was happy to bounce all over that room and he wanted out of the bedroom in no time. He left his brothers to be out and play with my senior house cats. His brothers were too afraid to be inside and were placed in a barn together. Max has grown in size and in his trust for people.

Max loves cats and must have cat friends. His new best buddy is a 12 year old retired feral tomcat. They play leapfrog and Max respects his boundaries. Max would really like a younger, faster wrestling partner.

Max plays with the kids, lets them pet him but he is a bit shy with them. Max loves to cuddle and watch TV. He can find any lost plastic piece of anything that you are missing at three am and playing with it on the lino in the kitchen until you wake up. He is an avid "indoor" bird catcher while looking through the window. When he sees new people, he flops over, flips around to look cute and make people want to touch him, but then teases and wiggles off.

Max is one very lucky kitty. He is lucky that the herpes virus didn’t take his life, lucky he lived through all the dangers outside and lucky he had VOKRA people out trapping to save him.

Lucky is what you feel when you see what a little perseverance can do for an animals life. Max feels lucky and some how you can tell he feels it!

Please consider a little extra luck in your life, with a whole lot of love and adopt Max into your furever home. You can apply here.

Posted by Grino on April 21, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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