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1 Year 1 Month Old

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Azalea is like one of those YouTube star cats that you see gently poking their guardian for a pet or to remind them it’s playtime. If poking doesn’t work, she will follow you around, make eye contact with you and purr loudly when she gets what she wants (and she always does). Her innocent curiosity about the world makes her utterly sweet. A myriad of everyday objects can turn into one of her toys, and even her mom’s tail is not safe.

Seeing Azalea and her mom Cali playfighting, washing each other and cuddling will always make you feel better. And when it’s time for beauty sleep, Azalea might want to lie on top of you. If her mom is already there, then you’ll have not one, but two purring generators. Azalea is also a unique mixture of several animals: she expresses a doggy like eagerness to ask for belly rubs, has almost bunny soft fur and the charm and grace of a true cat. You just can’t help but fall in love with her.

Must adopt with Cali

Azalea (2018 Alumnus)'s adopted!

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