Sir Pounce

4 Years 5 Months Old

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Sir Pounce is a lively little guy who has made huge improvements since first coming into our home. He's no longer scared and hiding and now loves to be pet (he'll purr up a storm!), and to run around the house playing. He especially loves chin scratches and the laser pointer, but his favorite toys are rolled up pieces of paper. He will run at top speed after them if you flick it and once he catches his "flicky", he will come trotting proudly back with his prize prize for you to flick again for him. This fetching can go on for quite some time, usually until he manages to lose the flicky.

Sir Pounce can give a high five for a treat, or if he wants attention. One of his favorite activities is watching birds, and he will chirp at them with his tail twitching. He will also talk to you, but it's more of a squeak than a meow. He likes to be around his human companions, whether it be napping on the couch or lying at your feet, and is fine with being cuddled. He also has a bit of a habit of being a keyboard cat when he wants attention. Overall, Sir Pounce makes a great companion!  

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