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5 Years Old

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Daisy is a beautiful cat who falls down a lot. This is because she has a condition called “cerebellar hypoplasia”, which means that she doesn’t always travel in the direction that she intends to and wobbles on her way. However, her condition has improved as she has gotten older. In fact, she is absolutely determined to go everywhere that she can- she just does it differently and a little slower than most kitties.

Daisy is a good-natured little doll who loves to be brushed and pet. She loves sleeping on the bed, sitting beside you, or draped over the arm of a couch or chair. She's a little shy around new people, but eventually warms up and lets her true and wonderful colors show. She's scrupulous about using her specially adapted litter box. She also lies down to eat from a shallow saucer. Come and meet her, she is truly one of a kind!

OK with older kids- no young children


Daisy (2017 Alumnus)'s adopted!

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