6 Years Old

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Saffy is a sweet, intelligent lady with an insatiable curiosity for her surroundings and a love for food. She makes herself comfortable very quickly in a new environment by marking “this is my sofa”, “this is my table” and “this is my human” through either rubbing head or soft meowing on day one in our foster home.

Saffy also comes "prepackaged" with owner approved traits, such as following your lead to explore the house and lounging close to you when you watch TV. She loves to hangout on the bed, where she kneads with content and happiness, and sprawls herself like she’s the queen. When it’s meal time, she'll come around pawing or meowing for you to break bread with her.

She gets excited at essentially any rope or cloth that is dangling in front of her and often times will play until you get tired. She needs a family that respects her space (i.e. she likes to enjoy and explore her surroundings, including owners, at her own pace). It takes a few days of interactions to learn each other’s comfort zone and we give her credit for exercising restraint when we invaded her space inadvertently—she would place her claws gently on us to warn that we are in her space without actually scratching us. Vice versa, if there is furniture or rooms that you do not want her to go near, a gentle and firm “no” will do the trick. She’s truly purrfect!

OK with older kids only

Saffy's adopted!

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