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5 Years Old

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My name is Mello, and I'm one of the cuddliest and funniest cats you'll ever meet. I have a ton of personality, will always keep you entertained, and have so much love to give- I'll be your best bud for life! I love to roll on the floor kneading the air while being pet and having a conversation with you, especially if you meow with me. My absolute favourite thing to do is cuddle on laps, and it's kind of an obsession of mine- if your lap is free, nothing will make me happier than cuddling and purring as you gently scratch me. I absolutely love being around people and might get lonely if you leave me alone too long. The more attention you can give me the better! 

Another thing I really love to do is play! My favourite toy is my stuffed rat, and as soon as it goes flying across the room I run over, pick it up with my mouth and toss it around. Anything on a string is a lot of fun too, and will do everything I can to catch it. I enjoy my scratching post, and I love sitting on top of my cat tree and chirping at the birds. Overall, I'm a pretty cool guy- I'm adorable, hilarious and super sweet. I can't wait to find a furever home where I will be loved lots and I can let my huge personality shine!

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