10 Years Old

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Pepe is a beautiful long-haired grey boy. He loves being petted behind his ears and on his neck but prefers not to have his body brushed. Once you have gained Pepe’s trust he becomes an independent lap cat, often curling up on your chest as you watch TV or read a book. As long as he feels safe and not trapped he will happily allow you to snuggle with him, sometimes cuddling all night as he curls up in the crook of your arm or with you spooning him. In the morning if he isn’t next to you when you wake he’ll come running to get his morning cuddles. Happily, he’ll purr loudly with his deep voice, and head-butt you with affection. Unlike his sister SHEBA, Pepe seldom talks but will purr and purr to show you his satisfaction. If Pepe wants attention he isn’t shy about curling up between your arms as you sit at the desk working on the computer. Pepe loves playing with string and will often run around the house like a teenager! Pepe would do great in a quiet adult forever home where he can learn to trust his new family. 

Pepe's adopted!

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