Over-the-counter 'pet products' that can harm or kill cats

Numerous over-the-counter "pet products" for example, Hartz Flea and Tick Control, Sergeant's flea drops, Big Spot flea shampoo, as well as numerous others are in fact harming and sometimes killing perfectly healthy cats and dogs.

They contain the same pesticides that are found in Raid, and have been shown to cause severe skin burns, seizures, vomiting and death.

Watch this investigative report by NBC's Joel Grover:


PLEASE, never use these products on your cats. Consult your veterinarian about products proven to be safe. Just because a product is on the shelf in a pet supply store or supermarket does NOT mean it is safe.

Ask You Holistic Veterinarian how to safely de flea your cat with natural products or SAFE animal pharmaceuticals.

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